Monday, August 30, 2010

How to Restore Singer Sewing Machines Parts

Have you ever tried to restore Singer sewing machines? By the looks of it, you may think an old Singer sewing machine is complicated. But, its mechanism is simple and easy to restore.

Three tips to know before restoring Singer sewing machine parts

First - before anything else, let an expert technician check the condition of the machine. He has to check if all parts are intact and in good working condition. The different parts of a sewing machine have different procedures of disassembling, cleaning, and reassembling.

Second - take into consideration the machine’s value before you decide to restore it in any way. As much as possible, it is still better to leave it in its original condition. Oftentimes, the value and desirability of a machine drops as it undergoes changes and repairs.

Third - there are simple ways of taking care of a machine without much work needed.

  1. The best way to return the wood’s original and beautiful shiny feature is to rub some lemon oil. If you do this process for several weeks, you can regain the brand new condition of the machine.
  2. It is common for the metal parts of any old type of machine to rust or crack its paint. Most collectors are attracted to this kind of look, so no need to repaint or sand it down.
  3. The machinery or mechanism of the machine only needs some sewing machine oil and belt to get it back in good condition.
Once you finish doing all of these tips, you can search and check the machine’s worth. However, if your machine needs more repair, you may check out some steps on how to repair Singer sewing machines.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Check the Value of Your Singer Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machines are durable items that will certainly last long, even for decades. This is the reason why lots of antique collectors are fond of including an old Singer sewing machine in their collection.

How to Check the Value of Sewing Machines?

1) Auction value

This is also known as an “open market price” and is based on the selling prices of same items at auctions sales.

2) Estate value

It is also called as tax value, as the Internal Revenue Service impose on the price of the said items. The value is based on the average price of all items being sold at auctions.

3) Fair Market value

This is the agreed selling price between that of the buyer and seller. As long as either party is not pressured to make the sale and both are aware of all the relevant details about the item.

4) Insurance value

So far, this is the highest price which can be given to any antique item because it is the cost of buying a replacement for any damaged or lost item.

5) Retail value

The price of an item as it will be sold individually in antique shops.

6) Wholesale value

This is the price of an item if bought in bulk. The price per piece would be 30% lesser than the retail value.

If you are also an avid collector of Singer sewing machines, the six types of value mentioned above will be your guide to check on the worth of your sewing machines. It will be amazing to discover old sewing machines might cost more than new and modern models.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Different Models of Singer Sewing Machines

Singer sewing machines are frequently found at flea markets, estate sales and garage sales. Most of these are being offered at very low prices. You can see lots of antique collectors going to these places to look for an old Singer sewing machine and other antique models.

Tracing Back Singer’s Brief History

In 1850, inventors Blodgett and Lerow started a machine which moves in a circular motion with the needle positioned in a horizontal angle.

Isaac Merrit Singer saw much potential and believed it will work better with some improvements. So he made many changes to make it simpler and perform better. He made it this time with a straight needle which works vertically.

Later on, he did more improvements like the following: traverse shuttle, straight needle, presser foot, overhanging arm, support table, gear operation, treadle, and lock stitching. With these improvements, the company has manufactured a lot of sewing machines for different sewing purposes.

List of Antique Singer Sewing Machines

1) 221 Singer featherweight

2) Turtleback model
3) Blackside model
4) Singer 301

5) Midgets and toy sewing machine models

List of Singer Machines Invented in the 1900s

1900 – Singer 66 Sewing machine
1921 – Portable Electric Sewing Machine
1933 – Featherweight Sewing Machine
1949 – Model 95
- invented to produce 4,000 stitches in just sixty seconds
1952 – Model 206
- first domestic zigzag machine
1965 – Touch and Sew Models
1975 – Athena 2000
- first electronic machine
1978 – Touchtronic 2001
- first computerized machine

Since the invention of Singer sewing machines, it has been known as one of the most trusted sewing machine makers in the world. And you can always trust on the reliability and durability of its world class sewing machines.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Singer Sewing Machines: Guide in Using a Treadle Machine

Singer sewing machines are easy to use. In fact, there are some guides for sewing which you can find in a Singer sewing machine manual. You can also ask some people who know how to use these machines to teach you some sewing techniques.

I think any seamstress enjoys sewing on a treadle sewing machine. It is because it is easier to use compared to any other modern sewing machines. For those who would like to use a treadle machine, here is your quick guide in sewing.

1) Grab a chair and sit with your back straight.

2) Insert the cloth or fabric beneath the needle. Lower the presser foot to let the needle touch the fabric.

3) Pull the hand wheel slowly and softly towards your direction.

4) Place your feet on the treadle. Your right foot should be positioned on the upper right corner and your left foot on the lower left corner. Make your own rhythm by swinging the treadle back and forth.

5) Run the fabric through the needle to make some stitches and turn it around in order to sew in the opposite direction.

Now you are ready to begin your sewing project using a treadle machine. If you want to have your own treadle machine, the Singer Company still manufactures these models on a limited scale. You can also check at antique shops, estate sales, flea markets, thrift stores, and online shops like eBay. Owning Singer sewing machines is indeed a wise decision because this brand has been tested and trusted by experts.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Singer’s Brief History and Evolution: Discover the Secrets of Singer Embroidery Machines

What can you imagine as the history of Singer embroidery machines? When asked about embroidery, what is the first thing that will appear in your mind?

Probably, you are thinking of noble women; who work together in order to create the finest set of clothes for a king. Actually, the embroiderers or craftsmen during those times were men. In fact, to become such they need to master the craft for many years.

The art of embroidery started way back 3000 BC. Bayeux tapestry is one of the oldest well known embroideries that were ever made. It was done in 1066 and it measures up to 231 feet. It is believed to be the work of a hundred noble women who spent many years for its completion.

Tracing the History of Invention of an Embroidery Machine
In 1828, Josue Heilmann invented one of the first embroidery machines. It made possible to ease the difficulty of embroidery by hand. Heilman was able to sell two machines during this time.

The discovery of a sewing machine in the past led the way to the discovery of doing embroidery at home. This started with the discovery of an eye pointing needle by Walter Hunt in the year 1834. It was then revised by Elias Howe in the year 1846. In the year 1851, Isaac Singer started the mass production of Singer machines.

In 1863, Isaac Groebli came up with a new kind of machine after spending many years to perfect his invention. His oldest son continued the development of his creation which is an automatic Schiffli machine that could allow sewing in different directions. And since then, singer embroidery machines continue to improve to provide for the requirements of embroidery lovers.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Evolution of Singer Embroidery Machines

Now that we know how singer embroidery machines came about, let us now look at how it has evolved over the years to what it is now; the best embroidery machine any sewer would want to have.

Since computers were not yet used at that time, the early machine embroideries were created with the use of mechanical machines. Designs were punched on a paper tape which is quite meticulous because one slight error would destroy the whole design. The term “punching” that is used to refer to the modern way of embroidery digitizing originated from this concept.

At the start of 1990’s, the embroidery machine became more popular as computers become cheaper. Computerized embroidery designs and machines made machine embroidery more simple and available to home embroidery enthusiasts.

Now, embroidery designs are already available anywhere and can be bought in discs. It can also be downloaded from the World Wide Web. There are also programs which can convert pictures into an embroidered design. After which you can embroider your memories on a fabric.

Probably, Singer is the most recognized brand name in both sewing and embroidery. It has continuously proven the high quality feature of all of its machines for the past years. So if you would give your trust, rely only with the best - Singer Embroidery Machines.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Singer Confidence Quilter 7469q Sewing Machines – Reliability Spells the Name

Getting your sewing projects done fast and easy can only be obtained with the use of efficient sewing machines. Thanks to the latest innovations of Singer, the world’s primary producer of the top quality Singer sewing machines, the tedious task of hand sewing was put to rest.

Since 1850, Isaac Merritt Singer adhered to his principles of bringing quality sewing machines to consumers that can deliver top quality products as well. Hitherto the company still does. As a matter of fact, they furnished a reliable kind of sewing machine along wih other high-end machines that they have – the Singer Confidence Quilter 7469q.

The Singer Confidence 7469q is a machine designed primarily for quilting enthusiasts. This kind is fully-electronic and features 98 pre-programmed stitches. Check out the cool sewing machine parts. It has a LED display with push button stitch selection. The automatic threader is a cool feature – it allows you to thread easily in as little as 6 seconds! It comes with additional quilting accessories that are very easy to use. What’s more, it has a 25 year limited warranty.

The rule of thumb that consumers must bear in mind in choosing the appropriate machine is these three: consider durability, look for reliability, and opt for affordability. These three characteristics you can find in Singer sewing machines. Great machine with innovative sewing machine parts – now that’s the kind of machine that you want!

If you want to know more about Singer sewing machines and its trendy features, follow my blog posts.